A Flat Tyre

Apr 7, 2016

What a Day! Today we decided to go shopping. We arrive at Costco and Korina is reversing out of the van and her wheelchair is making a strange sound we notice she has a flat tyre. We both look at each other and laugh.

So what to do next. Who would change a wheel on a 150kg wheelchair with Korina unable to get out. We go drive around to the guys at the tyre service guys well we might as well turned up in a UFO. The guys face was priceless.

Luckily the wheelchair manufacture was only 5 minutes away and they were able to change it over for us no worries at all.

Back to Costco we go to do our shopping and as you can see by the photo Korina hasn’t lost any form with her shopping technique. The Van was packed looked like a picture from a wheres Wally book.