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Following Sepsis, Katrina became a quadruple amputee.

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Who we are?

Established in 2015, the Reaching 4 Korina Charity aims to support quadruple amputees and their families that have suffered due to sepsis. Our goals are to provide financial support to enhance health and wellbeing by acquiring equipment, prosthetics and medical aids whilst educating medical practitioners and the general public about Sepsis. We are reaching out to other quadruple amputees to help us share their story so we can help each other.

Meet Korina and some of our quad amputee friends.

Korina Valentine

Korina Valentine

Korina is married to Daniel, mother to two young children, Hayden and Amelia, and enjoys a very close bond with her parents, Chris and Sandra, and sister Crystal. Dedicated to her husband, children and extended family, with a wide social network of friends and work...

Mia Wilkinson

Mia Wilkinson

In 2017, our beautiful Mia was a typical four-year-old-girl attending Kindy. She loved swimming and gymnastics and was very proud of herself for having just mastered riding a bike. In October 2017 our lovely girl suddenly went from perfectly happy, active, cheeky and...

Matthew Ames

Matthew Ames

Matthew Ames was 39 years old when what started as a sore throat resulted in the loss of all four of his limbs. He had contracted streptococcal resulting in toxic shock and was never expected to survive. Matthew suffered kidney failure, a detached retina, and...


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What is Sepsis?

Sepsis, also referred to as blood poisoning or septicaemia, is a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection or injury through the bloodstream. If a patient becomes “septic,” they will likely have low blood pressure leading to poor circulation and lack of blood perfusion of vital tissues and organs. This condition is termed “shock” and is sometimes referred to as septic shock when an infection is the cause of shock to distinguish it from shock due to blood loss or from other causes. This condition can develop either as a result of the body’s own defense system or from toxic substances made by the infecting agent.

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